In order to fulfill the mandate of the Global Fund For Jesus, it is important to have the following:

Human Resource Mobilisation

Critical to the success of the mandate are volunteers executing strategy.

GFFJ is continuously looking for Ambassadors who can mobilise other strategic and resourceful individuals to implement the vision.

Property (Land & Buildings) Mobilisation

The fourth leg of resource mobilisation will focus on property (movable or immovable) land, buildings, and farms, to be used by GFFJ for the benefit of the poor.

This campaign was launched at the Annual GBR Prayer Camp and Retreat in 2016.

Cash Resource Mobilisation

Without money no vision can flourish. Money is critical to the delivery of the mandate; which includes building schools, clinics, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, entrepreneurship centres etc.

The campaign was launched at the 2014 GBR Prayer Camp and Retreat, which saw approximately 400 members pledge monthly support for the first three years.

The campaign is now becoming fully extended within the organisation. It is GFFJ’s intention to see millions of people around the world committing to give weekly or monthly to Vision 2020 and its programmes.

Shares (Equity) Mobilisation

Companies, (Corporates and SME’s) are requested to donate or pledge a percentage of the shares in their companies to the GFFJ. Some of these shares may be intended for Black Economic Empowerment or Indigenisation objectives and the GFFJ may and will be a powerful and strategic partner to companies wanting to empower the disadvantaged and previously disadvantaged communities.

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment operating in countries such as South Africa intends to facilitate economic ownership to entities with objectives such as the ones the GFFJ has. Black Economic Empowerment policies need to be met and do not apply in all the countries in Africa.


The Global Business Roundtable and its members embrace the mandate, vision and mission of the Global Fund for Jesus (GFFJ) and are willing to become Ambassadors or Champions for its programs.

GBR has a presence in 72 countries including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, DRC, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Spain, among others.

A GBR chapter in each country is an automatic platform for GFFJ work and programs. Furthermore, GBR intends to have a geographic presence and representation in 200 countries by 30 March 2020. 

In obedience to God’s command, we will be witnesses even to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).