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We are humbled by the goodness of the Lord for the unprecedented success of Congress 2016. Time and again it is proved, that nothing is impossible in his sight, and those that trust him will never be put to shame. 

Departmental Meetings

On this day, the various departmental committees met to review their achievements, challenges and areas of concern for the past year and also focus on vision-casting for the current year. These committees are in line with the seven mountains and eight gates, and they include, but not limited to the cardinal pillars of the organisation, Men of Integrity, Future leaders, Women of Character, and Five-fold ministry and Intercession.


Annual General Meeting

Leaders and members from across the globe converged in this vital meeting to reflect on the status of the organisation and to adopt the board of directors’ resolutions and audited financial statements that reflected a gargantuan growth of the organisations over the past financial year. The Convenor, His Excellency Mr Sipho Mseleku took this opportunity to also clarify members and leaders on a number of important issues affecting the organisation, current and future, and also to define the kind of leader necessary to take the organisation forward at all levels. In the same breath, he explained the kind of leaders GBR does not need, as they will hamper the growth of the organisation. He emphasised on the importance and urgency of everyone to prepare in line with vision 2020 and the importance of serving with utmost diligence and humility such as Christ would epitomise.


Day 1: Africa-Asia Summit

The first day that was open to the public a success. Different panellist of experts like Mr Ernie Lai King, Head of taxation, Mr Raymond Chong, President of the Hong Kong Chamber of commerce and Industry, Ms Mametsi Ngcobo of Nedbank Group, Mr Buzwe Yafela, Director of Sakhumnotho Group and Ms Mary Spio, President of Creek USA. The first plenary culminated with a keynote address from South African Deputy Minister of Economic Development Hon Mr Madala Masuku.

After an enchanting lunch meal was served, proceedings continued with the hosting of roundtable discussions focused on, Doing business in Swaziland, How Israel can benefit Africa, Doing business in Zimbabwe and Growing and funding a Pan African business.


Day 2: Intra-Africa Summit

The second day was ushered in by a welcoming address by the Convenor, a powerful address by Institute of Global Dialogue Director Dr Sphamandla Zondi, who gave a policy perspective on Intra-African trade and CAR Ambassador Andre Nzapayeke who gave a keynote address. Former Zambian Vice President Dr Nevers Mumba and South African Minister of Small enterprises, Hon Madam Lindiwe Zulu also gave sterling heart-moving addresses.


Day 3: America-Africa Summit

The penultimate day started with the Convenor’s special envoy, His Grace Archbishop Gerry Kibarabara opened with a moving word of prayer, and Rev Benjamin Acheampong officially welcomed the delegates. The plenaries were addressed by Hon Minister Gideon Dlamini of Swaziland, Hon Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng of the Republic of South Africa, Dr Nevers Mumba, Mr Stefan Sakoschek of the EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Southern Africa, Mr Bengt Arnesson, Chairman of GBR Sweden and many other high-level speakers.

The day culminated with the DBSA, Sulzer Pumps and American roundtable.


Day 4: GBR World Congress

The final congress was very important as it marked the official launching of the GBR platform by GBR Sweden Chairman Mr Bengt Arnesson. This platform introduces a new paradigm to the systems of the organisation, and to the world, as it would introduce a gold-backed financial system, doing away with the Babylonian system. In this platform, members from across the globe will trade and transact, will have access to markets and goods, education employment and many other benefits.

The grand finale was the evening that belongs to Master Jesus, the saviour of mankind and the founder of GBR and GFFJ. Guests and delegates from across the world, including renowned dignitaries from the political, spiritual, Academic, business, civil society and the many different sectors of society descended to the magnificently decorated marquee. The event was solemn and everybody was dressed formally in ball gowns and black tie respectively.

As custom, the Annual GFFJ Banquet took time to recognise leaders and posthumously awarded the annual lifetime award to the late Minister Collins Chabane of the Republic of South Africa. Minister Chabane met his untimely death last year, a day after addressing the annual Banquet. His family, Including his wife Khensani and son Matimba, as well as colleagues in Minister Lindiwe Zulu were present to receive the award.

Alan Cock and the Johannesburg festival orchestra, Lady of song Sibongile Khumalo and the GBR Worship team serenaded the audience, breaking into jovial melody, including the rendition of the Global anthem, Nkosi Sihlangene, Lord we are gathered. Indeed Jesus honoured this prestigious event hosted in his name, and he showed up.

We are eternally grateful…

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