The GFFJ structure will constitute of two legal tier structures.

The first will be the Global Board of Governors which shall be registered and domiciled in a country deemed most appropriate for the work to be carried out based on the legal framework and its alignment with the GFFJ mandate.

The second will be the National Board of Trustees which will be registered in each nation and will serve to collect funds on behalf of GFFJ and execute the programs of GFFJ at a local level.

The following considerations are made in line with the structure of GFFJ:

  • Regional structures shall be constituted by mandate of the global Board of Governors that the countries form regional advisory boards to share best practices in the region and on the various continents
  • All GBR chapters shall have local GFFJ Ex-Co for the purposes of operational efficiency of GFFJ at the chapter level
  • GFFJ shall hold accounts in each country for the receipt of the funds donated to GFFJ
  • The asset register of GFFJ shall be held nationally and consolidated globally and the selection of projects will be done at a global level based on submissions from the different countries
  • While contributions are held in National Bank Accounts the global body will disseminate the funds than in developed countries that may have more funds but lesser needs. This is recognising that the needs may be more urgent in other countries that have less capacity to raise funds. It also takes into account, socio-economic status of each of the countries.

Governors and trustees nomination:

  • Trustees and governors will be selected from diverse backgrounds to give different skills and competencies to the boards on which they serve.
  • The term of governors or trustees will be for a maximum period of three years with intermittent reviews of performance every three months. The three years is renewable depending on the performance of each Trustee or Governor.
  • There shall be the creation and population of the following documents in order to manage the process of review.

Terms of reference and mandate and objectives for governors and trustees

  • Leadership disciplinary code
  • Evaluation and monitoring framework

All boards must reflect the following core attributes in their composition:

  • Financial accounting background
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Investment knowledge and competency
  • Spiritual intelligence and discernment
  • Government and political networks
  • Strategy development and management
  • National and/or global networks that can benefit GFFJ

Criteria for election of governors and trustees

The board of governors will be constituted of individuals who display attributes of

  • Moral and spiritual grounding
  • A clear understanding and buy in into the vision of GBR and GFFJ
  • Clear and previously demonstrated capacity to resource GBR and GFFJ in the office in which they serve
  • Extensive networks per their mandate, i.e. local, national or global networks
  • Unfettered access of GBR and GFFJ to those networks
  • The continued promotion of the GBR and GFFJ mandate in those networks and on platforms that they may be afforded
  • They must be ambassadors of GFFJ and committed to giving to GFFJ
  • They must display an attitude of servant-hood and humility
  • Have a kingdom mindedness and not be denominational thinkers
  • Must have strategic and active participation in GBR programs and activities
  • Must Fully understand GBR Mandate and Function

The governors will be selected from the following sectors: 

  • Academia and Professionals
  • Business and Investment
  • Spiritual leaders (five fold)
  • Judiciary and legal
  • Civic/ NGO/ international organisations
  • Government and political (reputable and preferably retired)