The fourth leg of resource mobilisation will focus on property (movable or immovable) land, buildings, and farms, to be used by GFFJ for the benefit of the poor.

This campaign was launched at the Annual GBR Prayer Camp and Retreat in 2016. 

Its main aim is to make land and buildings available in order to cultivate avenues for future monetary and nutritional generation.

Farms that are donated to the cause will be used to harvest food for the poor. The goal is to make food shortages thing of the past!

This goal will be made possible through the generosity of the body of Christ.

If you are interested in sowing into the campaign, please get in touch with us!


In order to follow the example of Jesus in facing the challenges of the less fortunate; to be a brother to the lost and the disadvantaged, a voice to the voiceless, a helper to the helpless and a source of hope for the hopeless.