The 3rd Annual GFFJ Gala dinner was held at the Sandton Convention Centre with 12 nations represented amongst the 1000 delegates who attended the event. Dressed in elegant tuxedos and ball gowns in honour of Christ, the dinner was a spectacular event.
The event opened with the music of the GBR Worship team in collaboration with Mpho Mutula and the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra, which is conducted by Mr Richard Cock. Guests in attendance included Dr Nevers Mumba, former vice president of Zambia, who delivered the keynote; the Honourable Mogoeng Mogoeng, who gave the keynote the previous year; Senator Ibrahim Turaki of Nigeria, and an entourage from the Swaziland Royal household.

Mr Sipho Mseleku, the Chairman of the Board of Governors, stated in his welcome address that GBR and GFFJ are a “work in progress” – the future may yet be unknown territory, but we apply faith and trust because the One who is leading (Jesus), is faithful. He added that the GFFJ uses the infrastructure of GBR to conduct its business and that laying the structure of GFFJ is a 10 year process, and members can use this as a window of opportunity to establish themselves and grow in their professional, personal and entrepreneurial capacity.

He remarked that the rates at which the GBR and the GFFJ are growing can only be explained as a product of God’s grace.

He emphasised the importance of supporting businesses of GBR members, so that they can give without looking back to ensure that the mandate of the GFFJ is carried forward.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng addressed the gathering on how Christians must become their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. The Christian family, he stated, must speak out on injustice and corruption in the family. He spoke of the death of integrity in South Africa and African institutions and how it is our responsibility to reverse that. 

The keynote address was delivered by Dr Nevers Mumba, who (in addition to his Presidency) has also been a pastor for 30 years! His speech was about how God takes the ‘foolish’ things of this world to confound the ‘wise’, and that those things humankind could not understand God would use to answer questions. He added that the GBR initiative answers the question, “How do we deal with domestication?”

He said that “domestication” has brought Africa to a point of submission and that GBR pronounces hope for our continent. He added that the GFFJ is symbolised in the Bible by the people of Israel during wars, who never left the wounded nor the dead behind, but returned to fetch them. As Numbers 32:5 says, “Why are you willing to settle on this side of the Jordan before your brothers cross over and take over the land?”

In the words of Dr Martin Luther King, “I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be”. It is important to realise that we will be remembered by the hand that we lift up and gave hope to, not material possessions. Being truly rich is living for others.

People who live for themselves are never remembered fondly. Only those who bring about meaningful change – regardless of how small it is – are! He further stressed that living for others demonstrates great wealth, because your actions and efforts leave a legacy that will be remembered and adopted by many!

He also commented that people often substitute God’s reason for blessing them with their own selfish needs, “When God blesses you, He does it so that you can be a blessing to others”. Selah!

He highlighted that Africa needed to attain 3 Powers in order to move forward, these are:

  • Economic
  • Political and
  • Religious Power

According to him, at present there are two worlds that exist:

  • Life on the top of the table: life as dictated by the IMF, World Bank, London Metro Exchange 
  • Life under the Table: Africa – living from the crumbs that fell from the master’s table – everything second hand. He added that on the African continent colonialism and Apartheid were broken by revolt, therefore poverty will be broken by revolt. We need to revolt from living from the rich man’s table. His closing was a proclamation that we are destined to be the bread basket for this season. 

Advocate Mary Bosiu the GFFC ambassador spoke on the people making pledged to the GFFC to give while the guest at the delicious food that was served and then she gave way to the music of the Orchestra.
The last item of the evening was the receipt of the GFFC Leadership awards by Prime Minister Monyake of Lesotho and Dr Nevers Mumba of Zambia. Ambassador Fay Nqoloba won the GBR best Camper award.