Here’s how we plan to alleviate the world hunger crisis.

The Global Fund for Jesus believes in taking initiative to solve the world’s foremost problems. One of these is hunger, a scourge which is exacerbated by¬†climate change, war and political unrest, poverty, population growth, and harmful agricultural practices. These factors affect already fragile ecosystems and the access that we have to food.¬†With the disruptions to food supply, food security has become an increasingly great concern.

The GFFJ seedbank is one step in our plan to eliminate world hunger.

With the help of generous donors, we plan to collect as many seeds as possible in order to produce food that can be distributed to those who are most in need of assistance. The seeds will be stored in a ‘bank’, a place where they can be kept for safekeeping and proper storage until the time when they will be used.

For those who are so inclined, seeds can also be sold to the GFFJ. This still enables the organisation to collect as many seeds as possible for farming later on.

The more we do to grow crops for the world, the more we will see change in the state of world hunger.